Ep40 Rollin Solo

Mr B Rollin Solo this episode. Very anxious to see comments about this one. First time for everything right?! At least I got to share some tech stories with you all out there. Hope you enjoy and get some tech info updates!


Duration: 27’18”

i T u n e s D o w n l o a d / S t r e a m <—

PC / A n d r o i d D o w n l o a d <—

R S S F e e d L i n k <—


  1. Yay!! Everyone is going to Santa Fe to enjoy all this fresh powder this Saturday (01-11). Lol Finally getting back into after being out for 2 seasons. 🙂

    1. Yup yup! Gonna be great! It’ll be 2 seasons for me as well. Check them screws, tighten them straps, hear the clicks and put on them snow pants! Don’t forget lunch.
      Ski Santa Fe, we coming 1-11-14!

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