GoPro updates straight to the cloud. Coming Soon!

Just announced from the CEO of GoPro and will be available soon, GoPro videos can be uploaded to the cloud seamlessly to avoid the hassle of copying to your computer, editing, and uploading to a site.
This is how it will work. You plug in your GoPro to your computer. The computer will recognize the device and open the transfer program. The transfer program will then upload your video to the cloud without saving to your computer.
When your video footage is in the cloud, it will be there to edit then share as you please. This is good if you have a computer that cannot handle high definition editing or is slow to edit videos. This is caused by a slow CPU/GPU.
There is one downside to this feature, you have to have broadband internet to upload the high quality, large file size to the GoPro cloud. But there is no law that says all your video has to be 2 hours long with a 32 Gb file size. They can be 3 small 5 second videos of your friend jumping a car with his dirt bike. Then you would simply plug in, upload to the cloud, edit the small file size video and share instantly!

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