Ep166 Weekly Gaming


Duration: 16’46”

#Rotpod is back and getting ready to podcast once again. This time Brian aka MrB is gonna be joined by a gamer (DogofDayz23), photographer (Jill The Photog) and a YouTuber (BigOleLevie)!
This episode will be recorded weekly along with other #tech episodes throughout the week.
Questions are always welcome for MrB or any of these 3 great guests!

This episode we give you of what’s to come from #Rotpod. These 3 great guests are anxious to talk to about their own special projects, video production, and gaming entertainment!

Stay tuned as this is only the beginning!

@Rotpod – https://twitter.com/rotpod

@dogofdayz23 – https://twitter.com/dogofdayz23

Jill The Photog – https://www.facebook.com/jillthephotog/

BigOleLevie – https://twitter.com/Bigolelevi