#60secvlog Getting In That Evening Workout

No matter if your starting your workout routine or are a primed veteran, you should at least get in that last minute workout to end your day. Unless your training for the Olympics or entering competitions, don’t listen to what I have to say!

I don’t know how long the busy schedule will slow down or stop, up until now family and I have been trying to get in that workout. We don’t get in that one hour or more workout sessions but we do get in that workout. We have been on this ‘slight routine’ for few weeks now and it is going great. We think of it as a crossfit type session for the 20 – 30 minutes we have. No breaks or waiting in between when changing to another machine.

Short workout sessions but keeping that every other day schedule is good if your trying to get into a routine or just want to start working out. One day of not working out turns into weeks and then months. So instead of waiting for the right moment, might as well try this!

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