Instagram buying, New texting app, and 40 years of Nintendo

Nike will be selling their shoes on Instagram! Yup, you heard right. It’s going to be based on the ad feature. When you click on picture, price and link to site will pop up. Some clicked pictures will lead you to the site right away. Not yet released but will be soon.

nike shoes

Pulse SMS/MMS is a new texting app for Android that is completely free to download and use. Share GIFs right from the app, delayed sending, and more more features! The one extra feature about this that stands out is the ability to send your text messages from another device such as your pc, or tablet.

pulse text app

Can you believe Nintendo has been making games for 40 years! It all started with the Color TV Game 6 and Color TV Game 15 in July 1977. It was until 1983 that the NES made it’s appearance on the gaming shelves.


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Nike shoes picture provide by
Pulse SMS/MMS picture provided by Google Play Store
Color TV Game 15 picture provided by Kotaku

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