Leaked info? Apple Watch Better?

Leaked iOS 11 Reveals iPhone 8 and hint of LTE Apple Watch

To tell you the truth….the Apple Watch looks #amazeballz! The slick, black, future-like boldness of it makes me wanna sell my truck and buy one watch because that’s how much one is going to cost!

The Apple Watch, if this is how it’s going to look, reminds me of the Nike auto-lace shoes from Back to the Future II.

apple watch

The special feature that will come with this is that it could have a slot for it to hold a SIM card so it can use data without being tethered to your iPhone.

iPhone 8 images leaked! Here it is!



Yup! It will be white with blue curve edges! The special feature for this is that there will be two arrows on each side that will help you to turn on/off and help you raise or lower the volume! #amazeballz! #WatWat!




Bottom line for a new iOS device in 2017 is that there will be better video, better picture taking, better selfies, better curved edges, better screen, and better iOS for faster Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Maps (notice I did not say Apple’s map app).

The Apple event will be held Tuesday Sept. 12th in their very own auditorium on the newly created Apple Campus. Construction had a deadline for this auditorium to be finished just in time for this event. 

apple campus
Apple campus inspired by the iPhone. Cupertino, California.

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