Earbud ‘All Day’ Cushions

Yesterday, I was thinking if I needed to change my earbud cushions for my Bluetooth earbuds. I was currently using the small size.

The battery does last all day so I get to leave my earbuds inside my ear all day. Yes, it took time to get to used to, but I did it!

I chose the small size earbud cushions because I wanted to hear people when they were talking to me. I figured, small size won’t fully close off all sound inside my ear canal. I also had seen others doing it and I always wondered if they hear good with ‘those things’ in their ears.

Yes, it took time to get to used to, but I did it! I could hear people and the environment around me just fine.

So I changed it up by using the medium or regular, and then up to the large size cushions.

Both worked good and I could still hear people talking and hear the environment around me, just like the small size cushions. Just as long as I didn’t insert cushions far enough to close off the sound.

If I wanted to hear the sound from my earbuds better, I simply pushed the earbud cushions in farther for total noise cancellation. This, I couldn’t get from the small size. Too small for total noise cancellation. The bass and overall acoustics sounded much better!

Both the medium and large worked good and was very comfortable! Even more comfortable than the small size cushions. The two sizes didn’t have to go too deep inside my ear as much as the small size. This meant that I didn’t feel so much pressure from the cushions.

Ahhh, much more comfortable! And why didn’t I think of this earlier!

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