Gamertag: Xbox360 – Ashkii33 PS3 – Ashkii33


Podcast from the 505 talking about games, tech, hobbies, and the latest news! Navajo host, Mr. B has many interest in today’s technology. Yes, there are many tech podcasts out but I’ve always helped and talked tech/games with family/friends so I would like to say that I do this as a hobby and it is fun! Much appreciation for listening by downloading or streaming the #Rotpod! 

I have a lovely and supporting family, my wife and our son! On the podcast I like to refer to them as Mrs B and Little B! I play games on all platforms which include games for Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and starting to get more interest in PC gaming. The game I play often and would be my favorite series is Gears of War! I am not a critic so my opinions are my own and we recently started applying the Rotpod Stars to rate the games and movies. I am open to watching and playing all genres!

There is always room for listeners of the ROTPOD to call in, or email and give gaming news, tech news and up to date happenings in their local area.

Join me every week and interact to make this Albuquerque’s popular podcast!