App Order for LC Pizza

If you’ve never used an app to order food before, I’m telling you that you’re missing out!

Convenient. Quick pay. Order ahead. Customized orders. Deals.

The convenience of using your own personal smartphone to order food is an awesome feeling when you’ve completed the order up until you’ve delivered the food to your home. Or should I say destination because you could be going to a party! No need to find the phone number to dial and wait to talk to a person on the other side. Just pull out your phone. Open the app. Order your food! Bam!

My personal favorite app to use is the Little Caesars app. All of the apps used for food order pretty much contain the following features that I’m about to explain.

Little Caesars app holds my card that I entered manually when signing up. It did not magically appear inside the app. I entered the bank card info that I want to pay with. So after selecting the pizzas I want, I enter into the checkout zone of the app. There, you can review your order and hit the pay button when ready. So I got to say after the first time using the app, it is very easy and quick to pay for my favorite pizzas!

If the family decides on Pizza night, I like to confirm the order with the family so we all know what kind of pizzas we are getting. Then before I head out onto the road, I open the app, select the order and hit the order button! Then by the time I arrive at my Little Caesars destination, our pizzas are ready! Simple! Fast! Ordering ahead is so easy!

Each app varies with the customized options for orders. Some apps get real specific, which gets little hectic sometimes. Other apps use the simple customized options for easy friendly ordering service. So feedback is important if you’re loving or hating the app service.

Lastly that I can think of now is getting deals only in app! Little Caesars now has the deal to get free 2 liter Coke product or bread sticks. Awesome right! Scratch that. I just confirmed that only the 2 liter Coke deal is active now. But still, Awesome right!

So check out the Little Caesars app if you’re up for pizza night! Recommended app.

PS Classic DOA?

PlayStation Classic

Some say it was Dead on Arrival.

Others want to believe in it.

I believe in the original PlayStation will fullfil your old school gaming needs. The original blue disc games. The original controllers with vibration feedback.

In today’s date, you can still find the PS games for low cost. If your a gamer, then you know where to look or where to start. It will not be easy as opening the PlayStation Store and downloading games.

Reviewers have given the just released PS Classic a thumbs down for the lack of gaming options. I also would give it a thumbs down for the fact that only as few as twenty games are preloaded. No word if there are ways to add games to the system. No word if there will be any other fun accessories to add on to your console. 

If you’re wanting to experience the original PlayStation, buy a used system, buy your favorite games or games you seem interested in, plug it in and play! You’ll spend few more bucks but it’ll be worth it. You’ll be able to invest more with the original console system….

#Rotpod #DukeCityGaming Streaming Giveaway COMPLETED!

CONGRATULATIONS to @MickleThePickle for our gaming mouse giveaway!

Rotpod and DukeCityGaming at it again fellow gamers! We are giving away a gaming mouse!

All you have to do is say “Hi” and follow Rotpod and DukeCityGaming on We’ll be able to chat with you and give you more details while hanging out!

Klim AIM Gaming Mouse – Chroma RGB – Precise – Wired USB – Adjustable 500 to 7000 DPI – Programmable Buttons – Comfortable for All Hand Sizes – Ambidextrous & Ergonomic Grip for Laptop Gamer

rotpod dukecitygaming mouse giveaway

One Line Quick Update! Sept 11, 2017

Apple will use face ID to unlock their phones and they are looking to cost $1000!
Xbox’s Deals with Gold has Minecraft: Story Mode for 60% off!






walking dead
Season 8 of Walking Dead will focus more on the characters per episode.


counter strike
Counter-Strike team blows $70,000 championship match after being penalized for showing up late.








photo of the day
Photo Of The Day:  John Jennings; GMC Sunrise


nine eleven
Photo of New York City from space on Sept 11, 2001. Photo Courtesy by NASA.

Nintendo Doesn’t Want You To Pay Over $80

There have been rival retro gaming machines that have not been selling too great and that’s why Nintendo did not manufacture many SNES classic consoles for the fans.

Bidding sites were selling the out of stock console for over $200. 

So Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime, wants to inform YOU, not to pay more than $80 for a SNES classic machine. Don’t go paying more on any bidding websites or from other sellers because Nintendo will be sure to have them in stock.

We’ll have to wait and see to see if this is true huh Reg! I call him Reg! Dates back to mid school years!

Leaked info? Apple Watch Better?

Leaked iOS 11 Reveals iPhone 8 and hint of LTE Apple Watch

To tell you the truth….the Apple Watch looks #amazeballz! The slick, black, future-like boldness of it makes me wanna sell my truck and buy one watch because that’s how much one is going to cost!

The Apple Watch, if this is how it’s going to look, reminds me of the Nike auto-lace shoes from Back to the Future II.

apple watch

The special feature that will come with this is that it could have a slot for it to hold a SIM card so it can use data without being tethered to your iPhone.

iPhone 8 images leaked! Here it is!



Yup! It will be white with blue curve edges! The special feature for this is that there will be two arrows on each side that will help you to turn on/off and help you raise or lower the volume! #amazeballz! #WatWat!




Bottom line for a new iOS device in 2017 is that there will be better video, better picture taking, better selfies, better curved edges, better screen, and better iOS for faster Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Maps (notice I did not say Apple’s map app).

The Apple event will be held Tuesday Sept. 12th in their very own auditorium on the newly created Apple Campus. Construction had a deadline for this auditorium to be finished just in time for this event. 

apple campus
Apple campus inspired by the iPhone. Cupertino, California.

Xbox’s Borderlands Suicide Buds! 9/7/2017

Buy Xbox One S Console – Shadow of War Bundles – Microsoft Store

o   Bundle includes Xbox One S 1TB Console, full game download of Middle-earth: Shadow of War for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, an Xbox Wireless Controller, and four Legendary Champions from different tribes for your army and the Epic Sword of Dominion.





Warner Bros. has tapped Gavin O’Connor to write and direct Suicide Squad 2

o   Gavin O’Connor directed two latest movies The Accountant and Jane Got A Gun. Even though the first movie Suicide Squad did make some money in the theaters, will he overcome the 1st with this 2nd to be the 1st?!



What?? Pixel 2 is getting its own wireless ‘AirPods’ headphones!

o   Apple did daringly, suprisingly, innovatively ‘delete’ the headphone jack off their smartphones and made it a success where kids & adults were scouring the web for the wireless (total wire-less) earbuds! But…..does that mean other smartphone makers or even earphone makers will follow and innovate off of that?! If they do, then they better bring it, right?!


o   More products for competitive prices

o   More innovative designs

o   One more time – Better prices!


Borderlands Studios teases a game and it could be Borderlands 3!

o   CEO Randy Pitchford (not Pitch-Fork), teased that about 90% of his crew are “working on the thing that most of us want them to be working on!” Where was the club handshake, chest bump and BRUH to end his statement!

o   Let’s face it, Tales from the Borderlands wasn’t too hot and we all wanted the game that reeled us in from the start to come back.

borderlands tales

Let’s go Mr Randy Pitchfork! Put 105% of your crew on this game and make it a holiday 2017 release!



Wednesday Wake Tech

New iPhone Rumors! An updated iPhone SE could be in the near near future! The current iPhone SE has specs that is similar to iPhone 6s and this new SE edition could also follow and have the same similar specs to the latest iPhone 7. Only rumors for now but August is just around the corner.

The new 2DS XL is proof that Nintendo is not stopping the innovation of the handhelds! Nintendo says they will not stop and neither should the fans. The lineup of handhelds start from the 2DS, then bigger screen better designed 2DS XL, 3DS, and then the bigger screen 3DS XL. So WAKE UP Nintendo fans! More games, new apps, and better designed gaming is still coming from Nintendo!

WAKE UP Facebook friends! There is a new app that has arrived and it’s only on Android. Phoenix is an app that makes it easier to use Facebook. The one extra feature that many people will be glad to hear is that you can use your messenger inside this app without having to download the separate app. I have been using for about a week now and the app has only taken 9.74 MB of space on my phone. Compare that to the massive 500 MB+ that the native Facebook app takes. Low memory space with messenger included, no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot! and……sorry IOS guys……

vudu free fire

How I Record Basketball Games

If I had a long selfie stick that extended 20 feet high, that would be my choice for recording basketball games from above the players! But I don’t……..

I mount both my camcorder and my GoPro on my 6 foot tripod. The 1080p 60fps camcorder is used to record the whole game from start to finish. I do stop recording when there is no play on the court, so when the viewer is watching the game, they don’t have to see the referee or players gather themselves for the next play. Think of it as skipping the commercials!

The second camera is my GoPro Hero4 that is mounted right next to the camcorder. It has the same view as what the camcorder is seeing and is set at 1080p 60fps as well. The GoPro is on record non-stop from finish to end. If there was a great moment that occurred, I simply just hit the tag button. This tag button is used to easily find the special moments in software so I can easily extract these seconds for highlight moment videos that I like to share on social media.

There it is! Would you like to share your tips for how you record your events?

Tascam for Recommendation?

Tascam DP-008EX

Digital 8-track pocketstudio

Portable recording and editing on the go is something musicians, podcasters, and artists alike want to have in their backpacks…..blah blah blah

I am a podcaster and I want to tell you why I wouldn’t recommend this.

I record everything through Skype and other software/apps coming from my PC. I also do my editing and finalizing from another PC software so editing with this 8 track recorder won’t do me any good. If you need portable recorder with the ability to edit different tracks together then this is for you.

DSC_5659 (2).jpg

I would choose a portable usb mixer with a couple inputs which costs less over this Tascam. With a usb mixer, PC, and my headphones, I am a one man podcaster that can record and edit everything coming through Skype, apps or even a phone call. Also with a usb mixer, my guests that are connected through the web can hear what I am hearing. I can play an intro, outro, and tracks for all to hear.

Hear my thoughts and discussion on the next #Rotpod.

DSC_5658 (2).jpg

Here are few other Tascam recorders from Amazon if your thinking of purchasing.

Shop Amazon Devices – Introducing the All-New Fire Tablets Starting at $49.99

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Mike Bradbury Basketball Camp

The family and I are here in Wise Pies Arena supporting our neice while she is participating  in the Mike Bradbury Basketball Camp.

Teammates supporting each other, referees blowing that whistle, and family yelling at that foul that was not called!

Competition is high even though there will no bracket or places to commend the best. This is a camp that started from the beginning of the June with individual camp basics. The camp is at an end this weekend as they finished off with team camp and team vs team schedules!

So here are some pictures of Hailie and her team!


Boss Boxes ROTPOD10 

#Rotpod just got sponsored by! They provide gaming merchandise for everyone! 

We’re talking controller skins, controller cases, thumb grips, stickers, t-shirts, energy drinks, satchets and more! 

These boxes are filled differently every month and you get to choose which box you want! 

You can choose Xbox One, PS4, or PC themed boxes to be sent to your door! Or just choose legendary and you get all in one! 

Use ROTPOD10 at checkout and help support Rollin Off Track Podcast! 

I will be receiving my Xbox One themed gaming merch soon! What are you excited to get?! Please share your open boxing or pics! 

Jay Sandlin – Special Guest Writer/Creator

“December 31, 1929, was a Day That Lived in Infamy. A war between extraordinary beings with superpowers ended in DEFEAT for the United States and her Allies. Darkness fell on a Golden Age of heroes at the hands of the REICH”

#Rotpod is inviting special guest, Jay Sandlin, Founder and Creator of The Novel Comics on the weekend of June 23rd.

Book 1 of Outbreak Mutiny is available for purchase from your favorite ebook/book provider. You can also read Book using Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

Brian, Tim, Jill, and Levi are glad to have him for a #Rotpod guest as we discuss and question him on what he’s up to with his Novel Comics and if he’s doing any gaming, photography, or You Tubing!

If you have any questions, message them directly to either one of us on social media, comment below, or just email #Rotpod at You can also be a guest, call in, or have us call you during the recording!

#comics #gaming #technology #youtube #photography

@Rotpod     @dogofdayz23     @jillthephotog     @bigolelevi     @jaysandlinwriter


60secvlog Music from Concerts

The very first Rockstar Mayhem Festival took place on July 9, 2008 in Auburn, Washington! The two headliners for this 2008 tour were Disturbed and Slipknot. Albuquerque’s Journal Pavilion hosted the festival on July 19, 2008.

This was the time I heard Flyleaf for the very first time. They performed in open daylight under the sun while hardly any fans were in the seats and no one was relaxing in the back lawn. I remember being there with my younger brother and the few that were in the seats were lightly bobbing their heads to the music.

It wasn’t just hearing the music, but feeling it as well. The energy coming from the band was awesome. All band members were performing like there were a thousand people watching. Vocalist, Lacey Sturm was performing like she does in their music videos. If you wanna know what I’m talking about, check out their video “All Around Me“.

Hearing, feeling the energy, and seeing any band live in person is always a great experience!

PS4 2 Terabyte Hard Drive Upgrade

Every gamer needs the speed and the storage for all them upgrades, downloads, and videos. Grab one of these Seagate FireCuda Hard Drives while they are on sale by clicking link below. Easy to install.
If your a do-it-yourself kind of person, then pop open the system and install.
If you prefer an easier method that takes minutes, then purchase a hard drive enclosure for this 2 TB hard drive. After that, simply plug and play into your PS4 and WHAM BAMM THANK YOU ROTPOD!
Extra spec that is amazing is the 8 GB built in flash that speeds up load times for cached data.

#Rotpod Charity Streaming September 10, 2016

Hi there! As mentioned in Ep147.5, #Rotpod was invited to join with others around the gaming and podcasting community to host a Childs Play charity stream to help raise money for the kids on September 10th 2016.

We will be streaming on multiple twitch pages and taking donations. Everyone here is excited to stream a 12 hour session and entertain the people coming in and out of the broadcasts. Thanks to Disciples of Gaming for putting this together!

Tune in to these podcast weekly and stay up to date as we get closer and closer to the event!









PS4, PS3, PSVita Sales!!! 108 Games

flash sale

There are 108 games that are on sale right now at the playstation store (<–click here to take you directly to the store). These games will cost you less than $5 a piece. There are no newer games available for the sale but don’t get it wrong, there are really good games.

So if there were a few games that you always wanted to get but hesitated because the cost was at it’s original, you better download these games at a great price before the sale ends

Sunday Midnight May 22 2016.

Here are a few games that I have interest in:


GoPro updates straight to the cloud. Coming Soon!

Just announced from the CEO of GoPro and will be available soon, GoPro videos can be uploaded to the cloud seamlessly to avoid the hassle of copying to your computer, editing, and uploading to a site.
This is how it will work. You plug in your GoPro to your computer. The computer will recognize the device and open the transfer program. The transfer program will then upload your video to the cloud without saving to your computer.
When your video footage is in the cloud, it will be there to edit then share as you please. This is good if you have a computer that cannot handle high definition editing or is slow to edit videos. This is caused by a slow CPU/GPU.
There is one downside to this feature, you have to have broadband internet to upload the high quality, large file size to the GoPro cloud. But there is no law that says all your video has to be 2 hours long with a 32 Gb file size. They can be 3 small 5 second videos of your friend jumping a car with his dirt bike. Then you would simply plug in, upload to the cloud, edit the small file size video and share instantly!

Lyrical Double Takes

“I’ve come way too far for this
I’ve put in too much work
I’ve dealt with too much hurt
I’ve worked way too hard for this
But we live in dark places”

You ever listen to a song and after the song you replay plus turn the volume up just because that lyrical verse you just heard was something that made sense to you?!

Everyone has their favorite artist and they listen because it gets you through the hard times. You listen when your going through the hard times to help soothe and get out the frustration. Some songs take you back to fun times and when your standing in a room full of people and a smile shows on your face, the strangers may think you’re crazy but that song just took you back years and help lower your blood pressure!

Good or bad, we always come across those screaming or soft voices that make us deal with the situation and/or make us want to do better for ourselves, loved ones and friends…….whose lyrics do you want to share?!

“They say beginnings always starts with the end”

The two lyrics above from the new album “Day of the Dead” from Hollywood Undead. The first is from the song “dark places” and the second is from “disease”

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