Halo Helmet

Halo5 helmets

Out of the gate, I really do favor the new Spartan suit over the older ones especially the look of the helmet! It’s more of a futuristic look with a cross from a Halo Spartan and Crysis.

Looking at the trailer and released posters, I am really excited to play Halo 5 and find out more about the story.


Spartan Locke is tasked with hunting the Master Chief and solving a mystery that threatens the entire galaxy”

Expected release date October 27, 2015

More info coming from E3 2015

ROTPOD is now on iHeartRadio

#MrB and #DJProbl3mz are officially on iHeartRadio!

We are so pumped to keep this podcast going! We enjoy talking into our golden mics and talking tech, games, movies and anything that’s going on!
Just basically Rollin Off Track!

Thanks for listening!
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#MrB and #DJProbl3mz
#MrB and #DJProbl3mz

ROTPOD News Update: Two Podcasts For You

Hi there listeners!
Mr B just added a new podcast under the ROTPOD network. DJProbl3mz Late Night Mixdown hosted by DJProbl3mz and Mr. B. This podcast will be the official breakdown of all the latest EDM and News for musical entertainment as well as featured mixes and guests by DJProbl3mz.
There will be a category for Rollin Off Track Podcasts as well as DJProbl3mz Late Night Mixdown Podcasts. There will always be content here for you so look around the site and don’t be afraid to send in questions/comments.
Thanks for visiting and listening!
Mr. B!