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Ep170 Jays Handle

Special guest author/creator of his Novel Comics, Jay Sandlin joins #Rotpod in this Friday evening episode! Topics include: Arcade and quarters, What a novel comic is, Poster signing, Amazon eBook and hardcover, Redesigned, Bossboxes sponsorships, Fidget spinners, Wonder Woman,... Continue Reading →

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Ep169 Better To Share

Instagram, Napster, Xbox Live menu system, Netflix, Photography, Hard Drive for PS4. Brian aka Rotpod, with topics of Need for Speed Rivals, and what is your favorite paying subscription service. Jill aka Jill The Photog, with the topic of sharing... Continue Reading →

Ep168 Endorse Everyone

#Gaming #Endorsing #Photography Speedrunners for Xbox360 and Xbox One and discussing why we hate/love Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Discussing endorsement deals for gamer and YouTube streamers today. How does this effect making money and growing your business? Does it... Continue Reading →

Ep167 Futureproof Gaming

Would you futureproof your gaming today? PS4 Pro, photography, sims3, burnout the game, favorite handheld console and more! Duration: 30'35 @Rotpod @dogofdayz23 @bigolelevi

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