Ep188 CPR Level Up

We got the CPR level up accomplishment achievement this weekend! Interview with Alan Woo and Ryan. Talking gaming and more! Just press play!

Ep182 USB Power Pins (tech)

USB information for today’s devices! Using tech in household, recent purchase –10 usb port charger USB 2 compared to USB 3 Lightning connector proprietary iPhone 8 faster –benchtesting tomb raider … Continue reading Ep182 USB Power Pins (tech)

Ep175 Chatterbox

http://rollinofftrackpodcast.jellycast.com/files/audio/Ep175%20Chatterbox.mp3 Rotpod playing Destiny 2 Beta and drinking Rockstar  Dogofdayz23 playing Rocket League for PC and PS4, also drinking Rockstar Twizted playing Atlas Reactor for PC and drinking G-Fuel Jill playing Sims … Continue reading Ep175 Chatterbox

Ep165 Work For It

Do you have Windows xp, 7, 8, 10? Ever think of making the switch between IOS and Android? Google Earth time-lapse, Chevelle, and an Instagram pic rant are all in … Continue reading Ep165 Work For It

Ep152 Ear Buds Sequel

That’s right! There’s a sequel! Everything has a sequel! To what you ask? Just press play! Note 7, explosions, side scrolling, apps, refund, gift cards and more! Duration: 39’08” http://rollinofftrackpodcast.jellycast.com/files/audio/Ep152%20Ear%20Buds%20Sequel.mp3 September 10th, … Continue reading Ep152 Ear Buds Sequel