Ep157 Should You Buy 4k

It’s the Holidays and everyone is wondering about the latest technology. Should I buy this for myself? Is this the best? What’s the difference between this and that? I won’t … Continue reading Ep157 Should You Buy 4k

Ep123 BlackFriday Deals

#Rotpod giving you good deals this black Friday! Deals from price ranging from $2 to $2000. Gift ideas, #tech for your home, and random very good deals! http://rollinofftrackpodcast.jellycast.com/files/audio/Ep123%20BlackFriday%20Deals.mp3

Ep118 PC Stick

#Rotpod giving you another episode of tech, gaming and movies news updates! Few stories include small pc for your livingroom, movies, new video format, and Sprint trying something new. Grab … Continue reading Ep118 PC Stick

Ep102 Anybody Working

Pre show phone call! Rollin Off Track topics that start from the newest tech hardware and news. Deals coming soon plus some gift ideas. Tech news, movie update, gaming and … Continue reading Ep102 Anybody Working

Ep96 Sid

Construction tools… Local #ABQ news… New type of battery… Resident Evil update… Tecnology, gaming and movies! Thanks for listening! Listen using iHeartRadio, Tune-In, Stitcher, or use the RSS feed on … Continue reading Ep96 Sid