Ep189 Super Smash

Coach P giving some insight on why he does what he does. App for video editing. Daily deals info. Food for your belly. Smash Bros tournament. Golden Gun Gaming in Abq for your gaming needs! Press Play!

Ep186 FB Flix

Bluetooth receiver, NFL with Stretch and Chris, Facebook alternative that uses less resources and more on this episode! #Rotpod #tech #gaming #movies

Ep160 Nintendo Switch Plus

A new console is releasing and I have interviews before the presentation as well as the released information for the Nintendo Switch from after the presentation! #WatWat So put in your earphones or put on your headphones and press that play button! Special guest are Aaron, jadenfist420, legomaniac31 and Tim aka @dogofdayz23! Duration: 20'11" http://rollinofftrackpodcast.jellycast.com/files/audio/Ep160%20Nintendo%20Switch%20Plus.mp3... Continue Reading →

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