Ep165 Work For It

Do you have Windows xp, 7, 8, 10? Ever think of making the switch between IOS and Android? Google Earth time-lapse, Chevelle, and an Instagram pic rant are all in this latest episode. I know it's been a while but I'm back with new content to share with you all! Share the podcast with either... Continue Reading →

Ep150 Relate To The Music

Mash up podcast for you guys! Still coming up with a name for this type of podcast #Rotpod will be giving you. On the busy days with no full recording, I will be uploading a mash up of different topics discussed. This will be the mash up episodes. This episode consist of Marco Polo app,... Continue Reading →

Ep111 Keep Going

Google fiber, gaming on a touchscreen, and #MrA crazy stories! We gonna keep going cause we enjoy talking about anything we find interesting! #Rotpod will find new ways to keep this going! We don't want to be the same all the time. We would like to try ideas whether they work or not. We will... Continue Reading →

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