Ep189 Super Smash

Coach P giving some insight on why he does what he does. App for video editing. Daily deals info. Food for your belly. Smash Bros tournament. Golden Gun Gaming in Abq for your gaming needs! Press Play!

Ep188 CPR Level Up

We got the CPR level up accomplishment achievement this weekend! Interview with Alan Woo and Ryan. Talking gaming and more! Just press play!

Ep185 Get Moving

Being so busy with life and not having time to record at home, I’m doing this new format to give you everything the podcast was intended to give you. This episode talking about:
Fitness, routines, motivation, gym, coach interview and more. Enjoy!
#Rotpod #tech #gaming #movies

Ep184 Fear Over Capture (photography)

Photography episode with these, but not all topics: —Fear —Overcome it —Photography —Get the point of view and capture —Advice on why you need to capture that moment —Compared to … Continue reading Ep184 Fear Over Capture (photography)

Ep182 USB Power Pins (tech)

USB information for today’s devices! Using tech in household, recent purchase –10 usb port charger USB 2 compared to USB 3 Lightning connector proprietary iPhone 8 faster –benchtesting tomb raider … Continue reading Ep182 USB Power Pins (tech)

Xbox’s Borderlands Suicide Buds! 9/7/2017

Buy Xbox One S Console – Shadow of War Bundles – Microsoft Store o   Bundle includes Xbox One S 1TB Console, full game download of Middle-earth: Shadow of War for … Continue reading Xbox’s Borderlands Suicide Buds! 9/7/2017

Ep178 Testing The Waters

Brian aka @Rotpod drinking water and recording video Tim aka @dogofdayz23 getting graphics for his Twitch Jill aka @jillthephotog deciding PC or Mac Paul aka The Rokpile getting his podcast … Continue reading Ep178 Testing The Waters