Ep189 Super Smash

Coach P giving some insight on why he does what he does. App for video editing. Daily deals info. Food for your belly. Smash Bros tournament. Golden Gun Gaming in Abq for your gaming needs! Press Play!

Ep184 Fear Over Capture (photography)

Photography episode with these, but not all topics: ---Fear ---Overcome it ---Photography ---Get the point of view and capture ---Advice on why you need to capture that moment ---Compared to vlogging ---Confidence ---Photography top 3 tools ---GoPro Hero 6 Duration: 31'06" http://rollinofftrackpodcast.jellycast.com/files/audio/Ep184%20Fear%20Over%20Capture.mp3 Follow me on Twitter @rotpod Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rollinofftrackpodcast/

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