Ep177 Bold and Intense

Brian aka @Rotpod playing Tearaway on PS4 and drinking Calypso strawberry lemonade. Tim aka @dogofdayz23 playing Rocket League and drinking Gatorade. Jill aka @jillthephotog playing nothing and drinking some kind of minute maid. Bold and Intense recording includes various topics such as: Tearaway game, micro USB AAA rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth tracker, bye bye man on... Continue Reading →

Ep174 Nifty Fifty

Brian aka @Rotpod Tim aka @dogofdayz23 Jill aka @jillthephotog Mike aka @twizted_crash Friday's nifty fifty episode includes topics: Samsung's air conditioners, Avenged Sevenfold, destiny 2 beta, listener questions, fatal grips sponsor, xbox one x, 4k, photography gear, house tech, fortnite the game, Tim Teef and Atari! we're always looking for listener interaction and going to... Continue Reading →

Ep171 Questions for Amanda

Amanda Briggs, photographer from Boston joins us on our guest Friday episode! Topics are:  haunted photography, PlayStation 5, sponsorships, why I accept sponsors, NES, metal gear, tecmo bowl, excite bike, jills first console game memory and best of all photography questions from the listeners! Duration: 57'29" http://rollinofftrackpodcast.jellycast.com/files/audio/Ep171%20Questions%20for%20Amanda.mp3 Get 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for... Continue Reading →

Ep169 Better To Share

Instagram, Napster, Xbox Live menu system, Netflix, Photography, Hard Drive for PS4. Brian aka Rotpod, with topics of Need for Speed Rivals, and what is your favorite paying subscription service. Jill aka Jill The Photog, with the topic of sharing your art/content on social media. Levi aka BigOleLevi, giving us info on what YouTube is... Continue Reading →

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