Ep34 What You Watching

Mr B joined by DJProbl3mz discuss the happenings in tech, movies, and games. Some game console news, new tech in vehicles and little snow report here in NM. Listen and stay up to date with some of the stories and if you have something you want to bring up, tweet email or send in a voicemail!


Duration: 43’20”

i T u n e s D o w n l o a d / S t r e a m <—

PC / A n d r o i d D o w n l o a d <—

R S S F e e d L i n k <—

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Ep22 WinterRage

Mr B and Aaron have guest, a fan of the Rollin Off Track, DJProblemz! He’s also from Albuquerque and has some info for the ROTPOD listeners. During the podcast, if you have any questions feel free to tweet email or comment below!
Facebook: djprobl3mzoffical
Soundcloud: djprobl3mzofficial
Soundcloud: fathead5starz

Pre-release party Fusion King Hookah Lounge Nov 2nd 7pm-2am

Duration: 40’25”


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