Ep161 HDMI Upgrade

Do you need an HDMI upgrade? Is the sales person trying to get you to spend more money? Press play and let me tell you the simple answer to your question! In this episode you’ll have; infinite warfare, stories, rpg playing, what listeners are playing, and of course your HDMI upgrade info.

Duration: 18’19”

Click link above for a great deal on amazon that I found. These will do just fine for your HDMI needs!
Thanks for listening!

Ep111 Keep Going

Google fiber, gaming on a touchscreen, and #MrA crazy stories!
We gonna keep going cause we enjoy talking about anything we find interesting!
#Rotpod will find new ways to keep this going! We don’t want to be the same all the time.
We would like to try ideas whether they work or not.
We will have more guests and more ideas coming! Evolving….
If you want to be a part of the #Rotpod, just send #MrB a message.
Thanks for listening!
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#MrB and #MrA
Search #Rotpod

Duration: 45’52”

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