Ep175 Chatterbox

http://rollinofftrackpodcast.jellycast.com/files/audio/Ep175%20Chatterbox.mp3 Rotpod playing Destiny 2 Beta and drinking Rockstar  Dogofdayz23 playing Rocket League for PC and PS4, also drinking Rockstar Twizted playing Atlas Reactor for PC and drinking G-Fuel Jill playing Sims … Continue reading Ep175 Chatterbox

Ep173 Blasty Blast

Brian aka Rotpod Tim aka @Dogofdayz23  Jill aka @Jillthephotog  @Twizted_Crash  Paul Anderson. Great podcast episode with these fine folks! TOPICS include: Basic equipment for podcasting, Streaming over Twitch ,Interacting with … Continue reading Ep173 Blasty Blast

Ep172 Two Intros Final Countdown

Brian aka Rotpod, Tim aka DogofDayz23, Jill aka JillThePhotog, and special guest Mandy aka LittleGeekLost winging it in this episode of wholesome goodness! Topics include: world of Warcraft, sims, psp, … Continue reading Ep172 Two Intros Final Countdown

Ep170 Jays Handle

Special guest author/creator of his Novel Comics, Jay Sandlin joins #Rotpod in this Friday evening episode! Topics include: Arcade and quarters, What a novel comic is, Poster signing, Amazon eBook … Continue reading Ep170 Jays Handle

Ep169 Better To Share

Instagram, Napster, Xbox Live menu system, Netflix, Photography, Hard Drive for PS4. Brian aka Rotpod, with topics of Need for Speed Rivals, and what is your favorite paying subscription service. … Continue reading Ep169 Better To Share